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Vladimir Antonov

The Absolute

Translated from Russian by Anton Teplyy
Corrector of the English translation — Keenan Murphy

        The Absolute (or God in the Aspect of the Absolute) is One Universal and Multidimensional Organism. It is indeed living and is composed of layers of multidimensionality [14-20].
        There exists a wrong opinion that the multidimensionality is “the universes inside the universes”. No, in reality there is only one universe, but it is multidimensional. It is also necessary to understand that its other* main dimensions are not worlds similar to the material world.  We discussed this topic in detail in connection with the analysis of the chart for studying the structure of the Absolute [3,14].
        We can perceive the material “stratum” of the multidimensional universe not only by contemplating and touching our bodies and other objects, but also by observing, among other things, the islets of the Creation, which are represented by numerous stars and planets in the infinite universe. And in the multidimensional depth under all this, there is its Creator, Who is also known as the Primordial Consciousness, God-the-Father and by other names.
        The Creator is the Totality of All Those Who have attained the Perfection and flowed into Him. He is One but composed of the Multitude of the merged Perfect Souls. [16-20]
        He exists in His two main states: the state of Tender Calm (Which is also known in Sanskrit as the Turiya state of God or just Turiya) and the state of Divine Light-Fire.
        The Divine Tender Calm is omnipresent and constitutes the Basis of the Absolute.
* * *
        The Absolute is indeed One Whole Organism. God in the Aspect of the Absolute is One.
        However, It consists of different components, much like how a human organism consists of different material components, such as a head, a liver, a stomach, a heart, arms, legs, and other important structures of the material plane, as well as the non-material components, such as chakras, meridians, etc. The Elements of the Structure of the Creator with His Creation are equally diverse. And the Creation is made by the Creator out of Himself, by using Himself as a basis for it. That is why the Creation is an inalienable Part of the United Organism of the Absolute.
        The Divine Light-Fire occupies much less volume in the space of the Absolute in comparison with the Tender Calm. The Light-Fire manifests Itself only in the areas of the universe where there are islets of the Creation inhabited by incarnate beings and where the active process of the Evolution of the Consciousness takes place.
        By the way, Juan Matus mentioned, while talking with Carlos Castaneda, that God looks piebald [38-45]. He meant exactly this.
        We can figuratively imagine that the Creator is separated from the Creation by some sort of a film, which indeed is a frontier between spatial dimensions (eons, lokas). It is quite transparent when we look from the Abode of the Creator, but it is absolutely not when we look from the opposite side.
        So, how can we enter this Tender Calm inside the Abode of the Creator? The easiest way is to submerge oneself, as a developed consciousness, between two multidimensional structures (“the right one” and “the left one”) that should be perceived simultaneously and that are designated as the charts for studying the structure of the Absolute [14].
* * *
        In relation to what was said, it is interesting to examine the phenomenon that was discovered by astrophysicists and that was called “black holes”. They are passages without luminosity between eons and are formed by the Creator. He uses them to eliminate, through dematerialization, the parts of the Creation that became fruitless. The protoprakriti that is formed in this case will become the construction material for new stars and planets.
        “Black holes” can be very big, so big that they absorb stars with planets. However, they also can be very small and can take little objects or their parts away from the world of matter. The phenomenon of dematerialization is based on this mechanism. One of the examples of such dematerialization is when the Divine Healers eliminate tumors or instantly correct other defects in the bodies of the people who deserve this. Jesus Christ, for instance, had such ability. Other Divine Miracle-Workers, including contemporary ones, can do the same as well. The Holy Spirits Who developed such an ability in Their previous lives on the Earth can also perform this.
        Such spiritual Warriors, Who attained the Perfection, usually forget how They learned all this when They incarnate Themselves on the material plane. They also may not understand the causes of Their difference from other embodied people and, therefore, cannot teach them these methods. Nevertheless, They show people the examples of the spiritual Perfection, and this constitutes Their main form of Service.
* * *
        The Apostle Philip [13] called the Tender Calm the “Bridal Chamber” of the Creator, in which the Mergence of the newly arrived Perfect Ones happens with Those Perfect Ones Who had arrived there before.
        To enter such a Mergence, one needs, among other things, to master the technique called “total reciprocity” [14].
        In the beginning, one should practice “total reciprocity” around one’s own body (more precisely, around the developed anahata chakra). Then one should do it around a volume of space that becomes bigger and bigger from training to training.  In this case, some sort of a hole is formed in the space, and through this “hole”, this person can also enter the Tender Calm of God.
        Juan Matus and Genaro tried to explain this method to Carlos Castaneda, but he turned out to be unprepared for this [38-45].
        We can create such “holes” for ourselves to enter the Abode of the Creator.
        Nonetheless, the possibility to create “black holes” from the Abode of the Creator is much more interesting. 
* * *
        Let me draw your attention to the fact that the governments of some countries spend huge amounts of money on the investigations of neutrinos and other similar phenomena, which are practically useless for anyone. It is possible to hear from those researchers that they “study God”. However, there is no possibility to study God with material devices, because He exists outside the material spatial dimension, in another eon, into which it is impossible to introduce such devices. The only way to study God is by transforming oneself and thus making oneself similar to Him. You can find information about how to do this in our books.
        So, if these material means were directed to the real cognition of God by people, the benefit from this would be great!
        Specifically, the real knowledge about God and about our human predestination, our real meaning of life, would significantly deliver the society from the appearance of harmful sects, from different kinds of crime, from drug and other additions, etc.
* * *
        Having learned to enter the Abode of the Creator (it is impossible to do this without the concrete guidance of a Divine Teacher), one immediately needs to merge with the United We of its Inhabitants.
        However, it will be attainable solely for Those Who have not only developed Themselves as Love that is refined to the Divine level, but also have a  due level of the personal power of the consciousness.
        This power depends on the size of the individual consciousness.
        The only correct way to start working on oneself according to this direction is to learn to be the spiritual heart and then to expand as the spiritual heart. It is explained in detail in our books and films how to do this. So, now I only want to mention that it is more convenient to try to master such expansion in the midst of spaciousness: above big bodies of water, steppes, or deserts, from the top of hills or mountains. Let me also note that one needs to learn to expand not only forward but also backward in relation to one’s body.
        After this, the best conditions for the growth of the consciousness can be found in the eon of protomatter (protoprakriti). Why? Because stars and galaxies can be perceived there, and they form a certain structure of the space.  Thus, one can «latch» onto them with the arms of the consciousness, which expands and becomes gradually accustomed to such sizes.
        Incidentally, modern astrophysicists call protomatter “dark matter”. This is the material from which matter is created. The person who has cognized this eon not only can expand in it, but can also observe the protomatter with the eyes of the consciousness and feel it between the fingers of the arms of the soul. Any material device would only be an obstacle in such a situation!
        It is better to practice these kinds of trainings on special “working sites” of some Divine Teachers or Holy Spirits. Among Them, I should mention Huang Di, Elisabeth Haich, the Apostle Philip, and Eagle [13], because They were the Ones Who helped us the most in this kind of work.
        One of the most important factors that also determine success is to have the developed arms of the consciousness. Specifically, they allow one to move in the multidimensional space and thus make an individual consciousness capable of functioning. Without such developed arms of the consciousness, one will not be able to obtain the power of the consciousness, which is essential for further accomplishments.
        The most significant one of them is the ability to turn into the Divine Fire.
* * *
        One can start preparing oneself for the mergence with the Divine Fire by merging with the morning sunlight or through the trainings with the image of a fire. After this, the time comes for such meditations as “Volcano”, “Temple”, and other similar methods [14,16-20].
        The final task is to become the Ocean of the Divine Fire by flowing into It and merging with It.
        It can be considered that a practitioner has really succeeded in accomplishing this very important meditation if he or she can direct a vector of attention from the Ocean (being It) towards his or her material body with the purpose of completely cleaning it and transforming its matter into fire-like movable Energy.
        We can prepare ourselves for this with the help of the meditations generally called “Pyramid” [20].  They are the ones that allow a practitioner to come close to his or her own body, being the Ocean, and to complete its transformation.
        After such a treatment of the body, one will have to work for a long time trying to fill it with the state of the Tender Calm and displace everything else from it. As a result, one can develop the ability to withdraw one’s body from the world of matter and bring it back to it, there and when it will be necessary. Such ability was demonstrated by Jesus, Emil, and Others [35], as well as by contemporary Divine Miracle-Workers.
* * *
        It should be clear that the described Path can be completely traversed only by people who are quite developed in their personal evolution. Only they —if they wish — can safely achieve the total Victory on the spiritual field! 
        On the contrary, those who
        — “cannot” instantly free themselves from many vices as soon as they have noticed them in themselves,
        — are not ready to live for the sake of helping all people of the Earth, and not for themselves or a small group of people,
        — are keen on predictions and rituals instead of spiritual self-perfection,
        — are ill-disposed towards other people because of the mere fact that these people live in other countries, speak another language, have another nationality, or color of their skin,
        should still grow up and diligently occupy themselves with intellectual and ethical self-perfection.
        It is also too early to be engaged in a serious meditative work for those who believe that rituals can save them and that they should dress their bodies in a certain way in order to get to paradise.
        Everyone needs to understand that God does not incarnate us into material bodies in order to sort us out and then send us to hell or paradise! (Do you not agree that, if we ponder over this conviction, we will see how absurd it is and that it can be proper only to people who are very low developed intellectually?; see [16]). In reality, we are embodied on the Earth in order to perfect ourselves and, after attaining the Perfection, to flow into our Creator, thus enriching Him with ourselves. This is how His Evolutionary Development happens! It takes place in the bodies of many incarnate beings [13-14,16-20].
* * *
        I believe that it is better to start learning to meditate by using the simplest methods that are described in [12,14].
        I want to stress that we should practice these exercises from the very beginning with our eyes opened (with the exception of rare cases, like the “shavasana” exercise). If one tries to do them with closed eyes, illusions of one’s success appear quite easily in the form of images that arise in the head. Secondly, when one closes one’s corporal eyes, the eyes of the soul also closes involuntarily. In this case, clairvoyance, i.e. the ability to see outside the world of matter, cannot be developed.
        It is also inappropriate to meditate in a simple cross-legged position*
*, because in it (contrary, for example, to the Lotus Position) the muscles of the back are in constant static tension creating unpleasant sensations that both distracts and tires us. The most comfortable way to meditate is by slowly walking in solitary places (even though, undoubtedly, it is not always possible to do).
* * *
        Resuming what was said in this article, I want to emphasize that direct cognition of God is possible only by the means of spiritual self-transformation. Its basis is ethical purification. That is why everyone should begin with it! To help you in this, we have created the system of psychical self-regulation [7,14], which teaches one to control one’s own emotions. 
        One of the necessary components of development on the Path to the Perfection and Mergence with the Creator is the substitution of the egocentric perception of the world for the God-centric. Thus we begin to live by His interests, and not by ours, for Him, and not for ourselves.  Self-interest disappears in this case and, on the contrary, the willingness to sacrifice oneself for the sake of one’s own contribution to the Process of His Evolution grows.  On this basis, as a result, one gradually flows into Him and merges with Him.
        It is possible to carry this out only by mastering the functions of the spiritual heart.
        Nevertheless, one can start by accepting the following very simple rules:
        “I will help everyone in everything good!
        “I will try not to harm anyone, not even by upsetting them!”
        We discussed this subject in detail in our books; therefore, there is no sense to repeat this here extensively.
        There is only one thing left for me to do: to wish success to everyone who already walks along the spiritual Path or who intends to start walking!

*   Other than the material plane.
**   Known as Sukhasana.

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