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Vladimir Antonov

How Is It — to Merge with God?

        Those who have not improved themselves with methods of Buddhi Yoga (or, in other words, with the methods of developed Hesychasm or Sufism), can hardly understand the mechanism of mergence of a developed human soul — with the Divine Consciousness. So let us explore this subject a little deeper.
        When ordinary people think about mergence with someone — they are usually referring to sex. Yes, due to harmonious sexual relations between regular partners, among them are very close emotional connections of love. Who is lucky enough to find such a partner — can trace it in oneself. So there has been a real uniting of souls — between incarnate people.
        Emotions — they are the states of consciousness. Accustoming ourselves to the states of love, deepening and strengthening of these states — this is a great opportunity, given to people by God, — to learn great and pure love, which can then be turned to Him.
        But for our love to become pure, everyone should — on the background of matrimonial relations — closely search for one’s own ethical imperfections, such as obsession, violence, jealousy, ability to cause any harm to the partner, and other manifestations of egocentrism. One striving to the spiritual perfection should avoid even a potential possibility of the manifestation of such vices.
        The break of well-established relations of love may be very painful: it is the disconnecting of once united souls. The described situation can be remembered by many of us from our own lives. And this knowledge can help someone to overcome easier the pain of parting — either now or in future.
        States of love, similar to those considered above, can form also for children, friends, animals, and even plants. But let us always remember that God should be the Main Object of our love.         
* * *
        How do ordinary people feel the state of being in love? They may either simply “go with the flow” of their emotions, or at a slightly higher level — realize and observe them, thinking: “I am in love” or “it hurts me”. Moreover, these pronouns (“I”, “me”) are attached to one’s own body or to the mind; the soul is still not recognized as a subject of these situations. Every such person is still living, being tightly bound with the individual body, thinking and acting from it, feeling oneself as it.
        But the methods of development of oneself as the spiritual heart allow receiving gradually greater and greater freedom from the material body, while it remains fully alive and increasingly healthy. The consciousness (soul) of such an adept becomes much larger than the material human body. This difference in size can be in thousands, then millions of times! Such a student now — even if he or she really wants — cannot locate themselves completely in the material bodies! Such a human becomes really ubiquitous across the planet and around it.
        Those who have mastered this — also after death of the bodies, of course, continue to feel themselves as huge consciousnesses. They are free to move in space, being powerful, wise, and loving. Their love is the most important quality, since they could not become such, if they had not developed themselves solely as love.        
* * *
        Emotions of love (as well as any other emotions) may spread out of the material bodies of any person.
        If it were otherwise — it would be impossible to unite in love with other embodied souls.
        And if the bodies already are not? If now there is only the vast consciousness, not tied to anything related to material objects? Then — it is even easier to merge! This mergence is a mutual penetration and mutual dissolving of consciousnesses. So live Those Who have attained the status of the Holy Spirit. And so Their United “We” is formed.
        I also mention that the emotions of love — are uniting. Emotions of hate, censure, hostility, also strongly expressed egocentrism — are disuniting. God wishes to see us in uniting, integrating emotions of love. He invites us all to learn to feel ourselves as members of the united Family with other beings and where the Pater (i.e. the Father) is He. So, by the way, we can become the true patriots — patriots of God.
        One last note: when reasonable people and God talk about love — it is necessary to understand that it is not related to lust. Lust (selfish sexual passion) is the opposite of love.               
* * *
        People generally do not understand who are spirits — and the Holy Spirits.
        Spirits are just non-embodied at present ordinary people and other beings. They differ not only in species’ belonging in their last incarnations, but also in their habitual state of consciousnesses during lives in the bodies. Those, who accustomed themselves to coarse emotions, take a place in hell. Those, who attained successes in developing themselves as real love, are paradise souls.
        All they are not separated by any of the “walls” of our material bodies. They can appear for us, for example, in the form of ghosts, becoming more or less visible for incarnate people. They are all absolutely subjugated to God. Therefore it is necessary to understand that even the entering of infernal spirits (demons) into human bodies — it is also a necessary measure for making open to reason for some of those embodiments who behave wrongly, from the viewpoint of God.
        And what do people know about the Holy Spirit? Bird-pigeon? Similarity to the part of plant shamrock? And even saying that the Holy Spirit is Part of the Trinity — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — even though it is the true, but this does not explain anything and does not approach the understanding of the essence.
        In reality, the Holy Spirit (or, in Sanskrit, Brahman) — it is the concept of an aggregate, collecting all Those now non-embodied Humans of both sexes Who have reached the Divine Perfection and now live in the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness, how-ever easily come out from it for the sake of helping embodied beings.
        And we should also strive to achieve the state of the Holy Spirit, to become Ones of Them.
        They were primarily the same, as we, incarnate people. But They — before us had time to develop Themselves up to the Divinity.
        And now They — with great joy — are willing to help embodied seekers of God, who genuinely seek to learn from Them.
        But They are ready to teach only spiritual perfecting. If someone tries to use contact with Them for profit, then They will either remain silent, or joke misleadingly: in order for such persons to realize their error and correct it.              
* * *
        The spiritual seeker necessarily has to learn to communicate easily with the Holy Spirits: to see, to hear Them, hug and merge with Them. How else is it possible to take the place among Them?
        But to do this, we must, first, pass a series of consecutive steps of our own development.
        First — to receive, explore, and pursue the knowledge of God and of one’s own personal role in His Evolution.
        Second — to immediately begin one’s own ethical cleansing, orienting on the principles that God offers us.
        Purity is to be absolute in everything: in deeds, in words, in thoughts, and in emotions. In all this, it is necessary to try to exclude anything that might hurt someone.
        Our thoughts generate emotions. Therefore, one should keep track of one’s own thoughts, avoiding negative mental dominants. Noticing incorrect trends in one’s own mental processes, one must make the reorientation of thinking — to the positive theme. Mastering the art of psychical self-regulation [8] will allow learning this very simply and easily.
        It is very important to pay close attention to searching and abolishing in oneself such streaks (in other words — properties of the soul), as violence in its various manifestations, including boreness, also — envy, irritability, and the desire to get for oneself instead of care primarily about the welfare of others.
        A special kind of malicious thoughts and emotions is the compassion to oneself. Such states deprive a person of power and stop the spiritual growth.
        Jesus Christ and Sathya Sai Baba spoke much and in detail about typical human vices. It would be very helpful to re-read many times Their remarks on this subject [1,7], noting for oneself, with what else one needs to work on.
        One of the common mistakes in the ethical work of beginners is that the reader agrees with everything written, but does not apply this specifically to oneself. And then one commits precisely those mistakes, about which one has read about, has seen in others, but has not thought about the possibility of repeating them oneself.
        Third — one needs to cleanse one’s organism from bioenergetical contaminations. The first thing — to clean the chakras and main meridians [8]. It is also desirable to pull away from contacts with coarse people. These actions will, in particular, quickly get rid of many chronic diseases. Also, that is even more importantly, we cannot perceive from energy-contaminated bodies the Purity of the Holy Spirits and approach Their Abode.
        This stage of spiritual work, dedicated to putting in proper order the energy structures of our bodies, is called Raja Yoga. When it is completed — it becomes possible to begin development in Buddhi Yoga.
        Buddhi Yoga involves the active development of the consciousness (soul) outside of our material bodies. And this is what allows reaching, as the result, the direct active communication with God.
        There are many methods of development of the consciousness in Buddhi Yoga. Some of them are described in the books [8,19], and some are even shown in our video films.
        But in this publication, I will describe only a general scheme.
        The correct course of development of the consciousness in Buddhi Yoga is the preferential growth of oneself (as the consciousness) as the spiritual heart. Attempts to the preferred development of structures of the lower and the upper dantyans have to be recognized as erroneous and harmful; they are taken by those who do not understand, do not see the Aim of spiritual development and therefore can only create fantasies at a pseudo-spiritual level.
        The true efforts should be directed, first, to the “opening” the spiritual heart in the chest chakra anahata (middle dantyan). Such a person acquires the ability to look at the world “through the eyes of the heart”, bad thinking dominants and negative emotions disappear, the emotional state becomes steady, loving.
        For further development of oneself — now as solely the spiritual heart as the most important part of the consciousness — the most comfortable methods are the meditative trainings performed in open spaces: over large water reservoirs, from mountain peaks, above deserts or steppes.
        What could be a great help here, is the methodological principle, which can be roughly named as “Head — Anahata”. What is in question here? We settle the structure of the upper dantyan — to communicating with the world of matter. And we  are feeling anahata chakra, which is located below the head, — growing in increasing volumes of space; it needs also to take into consideration the space multidimensionality.
        It is convenient to start such trainings, standing — up to the neck — in a warm and calm water of large water reservoirs. Hands of consciousness, coming from the spiritual heart and consubstantial to it, fondle all beings, existing in water, keeping them on the palms of our love.
        Or it is possible to keep on the palms of love those creatures that live in a forest, in a meadow, and in other landscapes. Or — those living on the whole accessible surface of our planet. Use in such meditations not two but any number of hands of love — and act with them in all directions at once.
        Then let the growing in such a way spiritual heart gradually fill the light inside the planet — with an accent on subtlety in the state within the Earth’s core. And then we, having gone through the core, expand our presence in the Ocean of Divine Fire — so the active state of the United “We” of the Holy Spirits is perceived. (In Sanskrit, this Ocean of Divine Fire is called by the term Paramatman).
        Having mastered in due measure one’s own identity with this Ocean — the spiritual seeker develops the ability to rise out of It over the surface of our planet, being the “Sun of God” — to be for other seekers of God the obvious Standard of Divine Purity. He or She becomes the Open Gate from the Primordial Consciousness — to the world of Creation, to incarnate people.               
* * *
        To walk this way is possible only under the guidance of Divine Teachers. For this it is necessary to properly prepare ourselves for the discipleship at the highest levels of consciousness development that we have already discussed. I only emphasize once again that the most important thing here is the ethical purity.
        Divine Teachers (Holy Spirits) are everywhere. They keep track of all our actions and even thoughts. They are willing to help us to get better. And for this, They create for everyone the most favorable conditions, placing us in certain learning situations — according to the destiny (karma) created by each of us for ourselves.
        The easiest way to begin communicating with the Divine Teachers exists at Their working sites (one of kinds of “places of power”). Here They can be perceptible as Mahadoubles (giant anthropomorphic Forms) or as the “Suns of God”.
        Incidentally, the term “places of power” was introduced to spiritual science by Juan Matus, that has been described by Carlos Castaneda [1,7,etc.]. “Places of power” are either positive or negative [8]. In spiritual work, we should be able to avoid the negative “places of power”. And  to work well, improving ourselves through the art of meditation, — it is relevant at the positive places.
        Such places vary significantly. And a sequence of such places can be formed for training — in accordance with the stages of meditative perfecting. For example, there are places for the work with Kundalini, for entering into each of the eons (lokas) of the multidimensional Absolute, for transporting all the best that has been accumulated in the upper and lower dantyans — into the developed spiritual heart.
        … The author of this publication and his colleagues, who for decades devoted the whole to the study of God and of the methods of cognition Him, have been shown by the Divine Teachers a lot more than one needs to “take” these spiritual heights. This has provided us a great breadth of vision in understanding the structure of the Absolute and the variety of methods of spiritual self-realization. This allows, in particular, us to adequately see the different existing techniques — right and wrong — in proper perspective.
        But the program described in this article can shorten the Way, focusing only on what is most important: what is really easy and understandable enough to help others to become Members of the United “We” of the Holy Spirits. The other nuances can be cognized later.
        Good luck to you all!

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