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Vladimir Antonov

Why are we needed for God?

        For most people the subject of the title will be unexpected. They — on the basis of their original egocentrism — think quite the contrary: Do I need God?, Why should I have to take Him in my worldview?
        And someone may decide that no, He is not necessary for me: since He rules every-thing, then why on the Earth are there so many troubles, sufferings, and injustices? So, God either is not at all, or, if He ever is, but so cruel, — I do not need such Him!
        But these are the conclusions of those who have no understanding both of God and of themselves and their own destination here on the Earth.
        Other people agree with the belief of the existence of God, but not on the basis of sound reasoning and knowledge, but only as a result of the “herd instinct”. That is, if all people around me believe, so I need to believe also, and in the manner as do all around me.
        A wise large-minded explorer of many different variations of faith among representa-tives of different religious branches has good reason to wonder and wonder… People, even at present, worship false “gods” of folklore, see their “duty” in making “religious” movements, are involved in meaningless rituals… But, that is most importantly, they all beg God for various benefits for themselves… They perceive God — as a powerful ser-vant, who is to please them in every way… And in order for that “servant” to hear my prayers — I must pray more and more…
        But God is not a servant for us! This is us — have to feel ourselves as His servants! (But, firstly, it would be good for us to understand His Will both in respect to all humanity in general, and to everyone specifically).
        And an amazing paradox is found by the intellectually insightful followers of religious sects! This paradox consists in the fact that God completely does not require any ritual actions and prayers of people! God wants from us something quite different: we have to become better — in accordance with His Teachings! Our religious efforts should be di-rected to the perfecting of ourselves in intellectual, ethical, and psychoenergetical as-pects of development! Also — to the real service to Him through primarily helping others in their evolution: in their harmonious complicity in the Flow of the Evolution of the Uni-versal Consciousness.
        … At this time, God is not only cognized by the representatives of science, but is also sufficiently explored. This information is published in printed books and on the Internet. His Teachings are summarized and presented in a systematic way maximally convenient for study. [1-20] And now it is desirable to make this knowledge accessible to the entire population of our planet. Let atheists receive full and clearly set out informa-tion about God and the place of each one of us in the implementation of His Plan. Ab-surdly distorted ideas of Him could not satisfy the intellectually developed people, that is why they are atheists… And the adherents of various religious branches would be able to correct their understanding of God and of their own lives…
        Studying these materials, one can imagine how they would change the lives of all people, if they knew the true meaning of their lives and the possibilities of its implemen-tation!

* * *
        We discussed this topic in detail from many different angles in previous editions. So now I only briefly reiterate the main essence thereof.
        God in the Aspect of the Absolute can be described as the Universal Macroorganism, Which is continuously evolving, multiplying Its Perfection. This Macroorganism is really multidimensional, i.e. consists of layers with differing levels of subtlety-coarseness. The Subtlest Layer is the Main Essence, Which is called by people in their different languages as the Primordial Consciousness, the Creator, God-the-Father, Allah, Tao, Ishvara, Jeho-vah, Svarog, and by other words.
        Paradise is the layer (eon, loka), adjacent to the Primordial Consciousness. This is the abode of those who have reached a high level of refinement of consciousnesses, but did not yet develop all the qualities required for entry into the eon of the Creator.
        At the opposite end of the scale of subtlety-coarseness is hell — “abode” of those who cultivated vices, such as malice, aggressiveness, irritability, and similar soul quali-ties. Hell is the “rubbish heap” of the Evolutionary Process. Life there is a nightmare of permanent existence among similar primitives.
        Evolution of the Absolute is realized by the Creator — by creation of “islands” of matter in cosmic space, where (when favorable conditions appear there) “planting” the rudiments of souls, which will grow step by step in plant, animal, and then human bod-ies. Those souls, which reach success in their development, at first are settled in para-dise, and then — in the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness, entering into Its United “We”.
        But those who cultivated the opposite qualities are “rejected”, going into the “outer darkness” of hell.
        Another important detail to answer the possible question of those who have not yet thought deeply on this subject: Why does God need such “complexity”, why not create right away perfect souls? But it is impossible. Creation of matter and the creation of the energy of souls — are different. The first is — for the Creator — easy, the second — the same, but applied only to the rudiments of souls. And then — souls will — long and hard — develop themselves in series of many incarnations.
        Individual consciousnesses (souls) have the ability to grow quantitatively — through eating material food and transmutation of its energy to the energy of consciousness. Only in this way — and not any other — the energy of consciousness can grow. More-over, having free will, souls may cultivate both positive and negative qualities. But only those who have succeeded in accumulating positive characteristics, including ethical perfection, wisdom, and strength — supplement the Creator.
        The main positive attribute of developing souls is their subtlety. Then it has to be-come saturated with wisdom and strength.
        Refinement of consciousness grows by means of cultivation of the emotions of love: tenderness, caress, admiration for the beautiful and attunement with it. “God is Love” — God teaches people through Jesus Christ, Sathya Sai Baba, and other Representatives of the Primordial Consciousness [7-10]. And the “organ” of spiritual love, without which the development of the true love cannot be, is the spiritual heart. The development of this structure of a soul — in the best variant — may be achieved by the art of psychical self-regulation, as we spoke the most detailed in the book [8] and in the video films created by us.

* * *
        Do we now understand why we are needed by God? We are the evolving particles of God in the Aspect of the Absolute — with the aim of filling up the most Perfect Part of the Absolute, Which is called by Him the Heart of the Absolute.
        Each of us should learn to operate in joint affairs with any associate — not from per-sonal primitive egocentrism, but with a responsiveness to the interests of the partners and for the success of the common arrangement.
        Let God be the Main Partner in the life of each of us!
        And if you are living on the basis of His interests — only in this case you can reach the real success also in your own life!

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