Monday, December 21, 2015

Vladimir Antonov

Biology Studies God 

Translated from Russian by Mikhail Nikolenko

        Biology is a science about life, about living beings.
        In materialistic biology, it was customary to consider and study only the embodied forms of life. But in fact, living beings exist in the unembodied state too! They are spirits of various evolutionary ages and of various qualities, and also the Creator and His Representatives — the Holy Spirits, Which are called collectively the Holy Spirit.
        So, it was the duty of biologists to expand the sphere of their research on non-material forms of life!
        It was done by us — a group of Russian researchers under leadership of biologist Vladimir Antonov (Ph.D. in biology).
        God — in aspects of the Creator, the Holy Spirit, and the Absolute — is cognizable. People advanced enough in the evolutionary respect, who devoted themselves to studying God and achieved ethical purity — they are capable of such cognition: by themselves-consciousnesses developed as spiritual hearts.
        Methods of such development are extensively studied, described, and shown in many our books and films. They also present the results of our research, including the description of the structure of the multidimensional Absolute, the laws of evolutionary processes taking place in Him; they also explain fully the meaning of our lives and the ways of its realization, in particular, from pedagogical standpoint.
        We wish to share this our knowledge with all people. And we also hope to receive help in spreading it — from all scientific, educational, medical, political, and other organizations. Imparting into the minds of the masses the true scientific knowledge about the structure of the universe and about the role of every one of us in the common process of the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness — this would help to reduce the level of all forms of crime (including religious extremism), mental and other diseases, drug addiction, suicide; also it would harmonize the political situation on our planet as a whole.
        For realization of this task, we need — and we have a direct blessing of God for it — organizational and financial support, because in conditions of modern Russia we have neither financing during many years, nor the opportunity for expanding our activity.

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