Sunday, December 6, 2015

Vladimir Antonov

The “Star of David” and a Pentagram

        Unfortunately, only very few people will be able to fulfill soon what we are going to discuss in this article. For the rest, let this information play its role in the fu-ture.
        Why is it so? Because we will speak about the higher stages of spiritual development, and there are only very few people who are on them now.
        Let us examine very briefly the main stages of the spiritual Path.
        1. Initially, it is necessary to try to understand the essence of the organization of the Absolute and of Its Evolution.
        2. Then one should bring oneself as close as possible to the standard of ethical purity, as God understands it.
        3. Then one should cleanse one’s body of energy contaminations, “open” the anahata chakra, and be-come — with the help of the methods of the modern, developed Hesychasm — a spiritual heart growing out-side the body.
        4. Then one should learn to turn off the mind during meditative trainings (Without this, all attempts to medi-tate will result only in the play of the mind, in the use-less fantasies).
        5. Then one should master, among other things, the set of meditations under the general topic “Pyramid”. Here the variants can be “Volcano” and then “Temple”. These two are more convenient for the initial master-ing. Afterwards, it will be more suitable to work with “Cone”.
        6. Then one should cognize God in His different As-pects and learn to merge with the Holy Spirits — in Their individual Manifestations and in Their United We;
        7. Then one should become the spiritual heart that is oceanic by its size and that exists in the Divine Light and in the Light-Fire. It is also important to achieve the stability in the subtle states of the consciousness and maintain them even under adverse circumstances.
        Only after this the time comes to use the medita-tions that are encoded in the symbols mentioned in the title of this article.
        These symbols came to us from ancient Atlantis, but their true meaning was forgotten by people.
        From a certain time, people began to use them as the state symbols of some countries.
        Some occultists tried to interpret them quite sim-plistically. For example, they saw the contours of a hu-man body with outstretched arms and legs in the penta-gram (a five-pointed star), and the “Star of David” (hexagram, a six-pointed star) was considered by them as a symbol of a sexual union.
        However, is there any usefulness from such inter-pretations?
        … Thoth-the-Atlantean (Hermes Trismegistus in His another Incarnation), Who is the creator of these sym-bols, explains that one should see them as the images of the pyramids (or cones) that should be filled — on a macroscale — with the developed individual conscious-ness. Moreover, these pyramidal forms of the con-sciousness are only the small part of such a soul, while the main volume of it should be spread outside the wide end of the pyramids — in the Mergence with the Divine Light of the United We of the Holy Spirits.
        There are also the images of the almost horizontal pyramids in a pentagram; it is necessary to do the same with them.
        Besides, the images of the pyramids symbolize the vectors of the direction of the attention or of the movement of the components of the consciousness that are included in pyramids.

        In a pentagram, its vertical component means the initial distribution of the consciousness for this medita-tion. This is an Enlightened Person, that is, the One Who really consists of the Divine Light.

        Then we superpose the two (and then even more) horizontal components, which signify the vectors di-rected from the outside — towards the center. The con-sciousness moves into them completely. These struc-tures of the consciousness touch one another and then interpenetrate. The anterior “I”, which was in the cen-ter and which was located in the body, disappears, be-ing “washed away”, and only God remains in the Aspect of the United We of the Holy Spirits.
        We mastered this meditative principle in another way. We did not use this graphic scheme but natural means and the direct guidance of the Divine Teachers — the Holy Spirits. This is how others can also master this.
        In other words, a pentagram just symbolizes a prin-ciple of Mergence of the developed individual con-sciousness — with the United We of the Holy Spirits. And to find the steps towards this Goal is the task that is carried out in the specific religious associations.
        … Now let us examine the essence of a hexagram.


        It symbolizes the union of the two mentioned “pyramids of the consciousness" in the layer of the sub-tlest Divine Light-Fire, and it is realized under the mat-ter of one’s body. This allows one to look at one’s own body (in order to transform it) from the position of God and being in the Mergence with Him.

        The volume of space, in which this meditation is done, corresponds approximately to the scale of our planet. In this respect, let me remind you that the Au-thor of the examined symbols recommended to cognize the layer (eon, loka) of the Divine Light both “above” and “below” relative to the Earth [8].
        Besides, a practitioner should have the already de-veloped arms of the consciousness, with the help of which he or she can easily move in space and exert in-fluence on different objects.
        … On the Internet, there is a very useful illustration of the relation between a pentagram and a hexagram: a pentagram is inside, in the center of an incomparably greater hexagram. The creator of this scheme really understood the essence!

        … In conclusion, I want to ask my readers not to try to perform these meditations before all previous stages of spiritual growth have been mastered. These stages are mentioned in this article and examined in more de-tail in our other publications and films.
        It also should be well understood that one cannot approach (by the state of the soul) the Primordial Con-sciousness with the help of such methods without Its consent and full approval for this in a given moment.
        God can begin to make fun of those who are not worthy of approaching Him yet (for example, by an ethical criterion) and sometimes even to “throw them down from the stairs”.
        So, let us strive for the Goal and at the same time be cautious and careful in evaluating our own worthiness before Him!

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