Thursday, December 17, 2015

Vladimir Antonov

Ecology and Ecopsychology

Translated from Russian by Mikhail Nikolenko

        Ecology is a science that studies relationships between living organisms and the environment they live in.
        Its branches focus on studying specific kinds of these organisms and are called respectively. For example: ecology of river beaver or ecology of sturgeon, etc. The object can be researched in terms of its habitat, places and conditions of reproduction, mating patterns and other kinds of interaction with representative of the same species, competitors and enemies (predators, parasites, etc.), or just neighbors.
        Human being can also be an object of such research. It is being studied mostly in its working environment (sea, coal mines, space flight, etc.)
        A separate branch of ecology of human being is protection of the environment. In many countries there are special ecological services as well as voluntary environmentalist organizations like Green Peace. Environmentalists struggle against pollution of water resources, air, and soil, as well as for preservation of natural forests and fauna. They protest against nuclear weapons testing, fight for banning of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons and antipersonnel mines that cripple civilians and animals. They also call for banning of the usage of traps in fur trade, which cause incredible sufferings to animals…
        The environmentalist movement deserves highest praise and every possible kind of support. The applied ecological studies of professional activities of man are also very important. But in this book we will try to show that this is not all that the ecology of human being can study.
        Man is not only a body, but also, and primarily, a consciousness or soul. And man lives not only in close contact with air, water, soil, animals, plants, viruses, and bacteria… We also interact with non-embodied individual consciousnesses (spirits of people and animals) and — which is the most important of all — with God.
        This is the subject of the science ecopsychology — as the most important branch of ecology.
        In reality we live in a multidimensional environment. And the material world that we can perceive with our senses is just a small portion of it. Other layers (eons or lokas) of the multidimensional universe usually remain completely out of our perception, although they are filled with life that can see us and which influences us.
        For the completeness of ecological perception, which allows us to live our lives on the Earth in the best way, we have to include in our worldview Him Who is the most important One in the universe — God.
        For this purpose we need to have, first of all, the knowledge about God, about the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, and about our role in this process.
        And we have to realize that ETHICS is that field of philosophical knowledge which allows man to live in ECOLOGICAL HARMONY with God and with the entire environment.

Chapter from the book by Vladimir Antonov Ecopsychology.

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