Monday, December 7, 2015

Vladimir Antonov


Translated from Russian by Andrey Zhabin

        There is such a philosophical term as — Oneness, which can be most successfully interpreted as the “Wholeness of Everything”. What does this mean?
        There is One Primordial Universal Consciousness That resides in the depths of the multidimensional space. It is the Creator of everything “manifested”, which is called the Creation.
        Both the Creator and His Creation are eternal and infinite, although sometimes individual “islands” of the Creation in the universe space are annihilated by Him, whereas others are created…
        The process of His Evolution takes place in the whole infinite Absolute and consists in the further development of the Primordial Consciousness. Its mechanism is the growth of individual souls, created by the Creator, on the material substratum of the Creation, that is, on the planets. These souls, having evolved through many incarnations in the bodies of plants, animals and humans, after reaching the Perfection, should merge with the Creator and enrich Him with themselves.
        Therefore, all people and all living beings, including even plants, have to be considered by every one of us as brothers and sisters of different ages, as our companions on this great Path of the Evolution of Consciousness*. Moreover, we all are component parts,  kind of mobile “cells” (like white blood cells) of One Total Organism — the Universal Absolute.
        And we, as Its composite mobile components, have the possibility to choose which part of the Absolute we want to inhabit.
        The correct decision in this case is to strive to the Mergence with the Creator in His Abode — the deepest and subtlest part of the multidimensional space. This is what constitutes the Will of the Creator. If we do not fulfill this — He will “hurry” us through the pain, diseases and other troubles.
        For those who resist His Will the most persistently and cultivate in themselves emotional coarseness together with other associated vices — there is hell, a “rubbish heap” of the Evolution. Some of these souls are subject to the total destruction — disintegration into their constituent elements, which will be used then for the creation of new souls. Another part of infernal souls will incarnate again in human bodies having the most adverse destinies. During these incarnations, the people of hell will get their last chance to get out of it through the active self-transformation in accordance with the Will of the Creator.
        He controls all the circumstances of our lives. Nothing happens without His participation and His Will for that.
        He directs our discipleship, but it is we who determine our destinies! The quality of our lives depends only on how successful we are as His students!
        He is Love. He is Tenderness. He is Care. He is Peace. He is Wisdom. He is Power.
        His Abode is the common Abode of All the Perfect Ones, Who have obtained all these qualities and reside now in the eternal Highest Bliss.
        The more we approach Him by the quality of the souls, the more our existence in the material bodies becomes filled with happiness, joy, and bliss!
        It is the best to start this Path with mastering the art of psychic self-regulation; that is, first of all, with the acquisition of the ability to regulate our own emotions. The base for this work is the opening and development of the spiritual heart. Without this, it is impossible to defeat “earthly passions” (coarse negative emotions) completely.

* * *
        Probably, all of us have heard the words about the spiritual life as about “the life of the heart”. Yet almost no one understands the meaning of these words!
        “To live by the heart” most often means in literature to let the personal behavior be govern by…  whatever emotions and “earthly passions”…
        Among the instructions of some Hatha Yoga “gurus”, useless recommendations can be found about mastering the concentration in the material hearts, but these recommendations have nothing to do with the truth…
        Other incompetent “spiritual teachers” fantasize that since the physical heart is located on the left side, the spiritual heart has to be located on the right side of the chest…
        Some people have heard that the Creator, Atman, the Higher “I” (Higher Self), or Paramatman should be sought in the depth of their own spiritual hearts. And, for sure, many of them have tried to accomplish this… but immediately experienced a complete failure and were disappointed in this recommendation. The reason for such failures is that there is no chance to accomplish this in one’s own spiritual heart while it still has a size of anahata chakra or only slightly bigger than it. But this becomes quite feasible when the size of the spiritual heart becomes millions of times bigger.
        How to learn to perceive one’s own spiritual heart, how to develop it, and how to find inside this developed spiritual heart the multidimensional depths, including the Abode of the Creator — all this was described — for the first time and in exhaustive detail — in the books and films of our scientific-spiritual School.

* * *
        The steady progress on the Path to the Creator cannot be unconscious. Therefore, one should learn actively not to hate, not to become irritated, not to want for oneself to the detriment of others, not to wish anything bad to anyone, but, on the contrary, to help everyone in everything good, to learn to love and to give, to attune with the harmonious and beautiful, and to look for the manifestation of the Will of the Creator in everything.
        I will repeat it once again, and let us remember this forever: hatred, hostility, aggressiveness and similar emotional states lead us to hell, to a “rubbish heap” of the Evolution. On the contrary, love, peace, tenderness, forgiveness, and care lead us to paradise and further — to the Embrace of the Creator in His Abode!
        Let us all follow these Teachings of the Creator!
        I wish success to all of you!

*  By the way, if we all are one family of children of One Universal Parent, can selfish motives be appropriate in our relationship? Even the members of ordinary families fulfill their duties and other work without counting on a special remuneration from other family members.
     That is why, one of the signs of spirituality in people is their selflessness or disinterestedness.

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